Site, shop and framing workshop… under (re)construction!

This is what is looked like after 22 years of good and loyal services…img_0026

We thought it was time for a change, a mega cleanse and a revamp before we introduced all our trusted brands already available in Byron Bay and Mullumbimby! Do you want a  sneak peak at what’s coming soon on a shelf near you? Click on Art supplies in stock

We will also reopen the framing side of the business with friendly staff helping you in your choices and a state of the art workshop at the back able to give you impeccable quality at a great price…

As is usual in our stores, the staff will be highly qualified to answer your technical questions regarding art materials and, as most of them are artists, to even give you tips and suggestions.

We truly hope to meet you soon and apologise for any inconvenience or delay this might impose on you… our other stores in Byron Bay and Mullumbiby can probably help you until then.


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