The grand opening!

We’ve had so much fun renovating the Ballina store! IMG_0314Pushing walls…

IMG_0369 painting the building…


and the wall inside (Payne’s Grey of course!) + a new floor


without forgetting the grand entrance!

Meanwhile a crazy idea was beginning to gain momentum…IMG_0389

what about…


could the cap be like this? and the body make like that?

It could… and it was… by James Pearce,

with a little bit of help from his brother Jade and dad Sam…

the fab trio working here!

But there still was one burning question left to answer… what colour?

yes indeed a hard one that one… we tend to love our colours around here…

until a certain local prawn took care of that one!

(the above is a little replica made by talented local artist, Michelle Dawson)

Finally, all the beautiful ranges had found a cosy spot and the shop looking good

so, of course, we had a party… all dressed in pink…

and complete with unveiling of the giant tube!

So, now, you really can’t miss us… look for the pencils, or up for the tube!IMG_0093

See you soon!